Clean, modern and luxurious, our CUT AND LOOP rug is the perfect accent for any space. The rich silky color of the cut pile adjacent to the natural tones of the wool loops make this rug the perfect choice to pull dispirate elements of a room together.   Using 100% silk and wool in our hand-knotted option or 100% viscose and wool in our broadloom option, CUT AND LOOP is easy on the eye and soft underfoot. Given the handmade nature of this rug, slight variations in shading and size enhance it's character and beauty.

CUT AND LOOP, Cranberry & Chocolate

  • Many of our designs are available in a variety of weave and fiber options. This allows you to combine the style you prefer with a weave quality that works for your budget and/or practical needs.   A brief description of The weave qualities available for our CUT AND LOOP rug is listed below. To read detailed descriptions about all our rug qualities you can click HERE.


    HAND-KNOTTED:  Our hand-knotted rugs are stunning exaples of the marriage of traditional craft with contemporary design.  Using the finest yarns, our highly skilled artisans weave our designs on traditional looms to create heirloom rugs of lasting beauty to be loved and appreciated for generations.  Hand-knotted rugs have a lead time of 12 to 16 weeks depending on rug size. To learn more about our hand-knotted rugs click HERE.


    HAND-LOOMED: Available in a variety of styles and materials from luxurious shags to versatile cotton, hand-loomed rugs are made with the use of a loom.  A combination of colors and yarn thicknesses are intricately hand-woven to create our beautiful rugs.  Every aspect of the making of our woven rugs involves hand finishing by skilled artisans.  Hand-Loomed rugs have a lead time of 8 to 12 weeks depending on rug size. To learn more about our hand-loomed rugs click HERE.


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